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Cyprus is a Mediterranean island, south from Turkey. It makes a great destination around the year, as also winters are quite warm and sunny. Even though the island is pretty small, it has a lot to offer from archaeological sites and old villages to modern cities, and from soft beaches through wine regions to snowy mountains.

It’s not fully clear weather it’s part of Europe or Asia (Middle East), and the island itself is divided in two sides. The Republic of Cyprus belongs in EU and uses Euro as a currency, while the northeast part of the island is under Turkish administration. Rough times related to the split of the island have left deep wounds, and it’s hard to see that these two sides would become one again. But from visitors point of view it’s very interesting to travel also in the Turkish side, and crossing the border is easy.

Short facts:
-population: 1,2 million
-currency: Euro (Turkish lira in Northern Cyprus)
-language: Greek, Turkish
-capital city: Nicosia (also known as Lefkosia)