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Cyprus travel posts: Avakas Gorge and Lara Beach | FinnsAway Travel Blog

Cyprus: Avakas Gorge and Lara Beach

Paphos district covers the whole western part of Cyprus island. It’s most famous for the Paphos city itself and beach destinations close to it, but offers a lot more for adventurous travelers, from secluded beaches to thick forests and handsome monasteries in Paphos Forest. The northwestern tip of the island, Akamas Peninsula, is an isolated, nearly inhabited area with diverse nature. We wrote earlier about hiking in the northern side of Akamas, but in this post we’ll shortly introduce two gems on the southern side of it, Avakas Gorge and Lara Beach. Exploring this part of Cyprus is the easiest by car, so if you are planning on going, check out also a post about renting a car in Cyprus.

Lara Beach in Paphos district, Cyprus | FinnsAway Travel Blog

Hiking in Avakas Gorge

Avakas Gorge is an impressive, narrow canyon, great for hiking when the water level is low, especially in spring or in autumn. You shouldn’t go to the gorge at all after or during heavy rains, and in winter time in general the water level can be too high for hiking. The canyon is located 20 km northwest from Paphos, close to Akamas Peninsula. The coastal area around Avakas Gorge is very scenic, so it’s advisable to reserve a whole day for hiking in the gorge and exploring the surroundings, including Lara Beach. To reach Avakas Gorge, take the coastal road E701 from Paphos. Soon after the town of Peyia the road north turns into a bumpy dirt road. There is no public transportation all the way to the gorge, but there is a bus running from Coral Bay to nearby Agias Georgios Pegeias village, from where you can walk to the gorge (roughly 3 km). If you have a car, it’s advisable to use the parking lot right by the coastal road and walk from there to the beginning of the trail to the canyon (1 km), as the secondary road leading there is in pretty bad condition.

Hiking in Avakas Gorge in Paphos district, Cyprus | FinnsAway Travel Blog
The path to the canyon begins from a small parking lot with some information signs and soon leads to the canyon. The hiking trail in the gorge jumps back and forth over the stream on the bottom, and around some big rocks. It’s not very well marked, but mostly very easy to follow. Wear proper trekking shoes though, as the terrain is rocky and can be slippery. As you walk deeper in the canyon, it gets more and more narrow, and soon you’ll be in between two impressive, high stone walls. The length of the trail in the gorge is around 4 km, before there are stairs up. There are some paths continuing further inland also after this point, but the narrow and deep part of the canyon ends here. Reserve a couple of hours to walk to the end of the canyon from the main road, even more if you are with kids or want to take longer breaks.
Hiking in Avakas Gorge in Paphos district, Cyprus | FinnsAway Travel Blog
To get back to the beginning of the trail, you can either turn back and walk in the canyon, or make a circular route by walking above the canyon. There should be a trail on the southern side of the gorge, but it’s not marked and especially in the beginning hard to follow. We needed to walk through some fields and pastures first to find a clear path towards the coast. It was a rewarding walk though, as the views from above the canyon are very nice. app is useful tool for this hike, as it also shows the paths above the canyon.
Hiking in Avakas Gorge in Paphos district, Cyprus | FinnsAway Travel Blog

Lara Beach and surroundings

Lara Beach is a stunning, undeveloped beach area with soft sands and clear waters. Beaches are also home to nesting turtles. There is no public transportation and no services, which is great in order to keep this remote area in it’s natural state. It’s fully possible to go there though, either to just admire the views, to walk past several beaches or to spend a few hours sunbathing. We combined visiting Lara with our hike in Avakas Gorge, and loved the quietness and beauty of this area. To see the different beaches and handsome rock formations, it’s best to make a walk along the coastline.
Lara Beach is part of Akamas Nature Park, and can be reached by a dirt road that runs along the coast north from Avakas Gorge. There are organized tours from Paphos, but it’s best to have your own wheels and schedule. In many sources it says that a four-wheel is needed, but even if the road was bumpy, we made it close to the beaches easily with a small sedan. Just drive slowly and be careful. The turtle nesting season in Lara beach lasts from June to September, and in August or September it’s possible to see the turtle babies crawling to the sea. During the whole season it’s of course mandatory to not to disturb the turtles or the nests, so make sure you keep the distance if you visit Lara beach during the summer months.
Beautiful scenery near Lara Beach in Paphos district, Cyprus | FinnsAway Travel Blog
Are you planning a visit to western Cyprus, or do you have some questions or comments about Avakas Gorge or Lara Beach? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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| Avakas Gorge and Lara Beach in Paphos district Cyprus | FinnsAway Travel Blog

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