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Albania in the Balkans, south-eastern Europe, is getting a popular travel destination. Golden beaches in Albanian Riviera lure in more and more tourists during summer months, and also the surprisingly modern capital Tirana is slowly getting more popular. Albania is home to several high mountain ranges as well as some remarkable lakes. In this category we share our experiences of traveling in Albania during off-season.

Short facts:
-population: 2,9 million
-currency: Albanian Lek (ALL)
-language: Albanian
-capital city: Tirana


Month in Albania: summary and costs

How is road tripping in Albania off-season and how much it costs? Summary and costs of our journey from Tirana to coast and in Albanian Riviera.


Exploring coastal Albania: Vlore

The city of Vlore in the coast of Albania is combination of beach life and city holiday, and your entry point to the picturesque South Albania.

Durrës; holiday destination, the second largest city and the main port of Albania. | FinnsAway

Exploring coastal Albania: Durres

In the first part of our post series from coastal Albania we get to know Durres; holiday destination, the second largest city and the main port


Tirana, the capital of Albania

Tirana, the capital of Albania has developed a lot during past few years. We spent there a week working, sightseeing and running in the parks.