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Travel plans for autumn 2018

Our stay in Alsace, France has come to an end for now. It was great to be able to settle down in one location for several weeks for a change. Past few days we have been working like crazy with our new website, and it will be launched soon!

We have also some new travel plans to share! We leaft Tiida (our car) in Alsace for the time being, and continue our journey in Europe and Caucasus with public transportation.

The first stop is… Paris! This is our first time in this fabulous city full of world-famous sights. The plan however is to spend only a couple of days here, walking a lot around the city and sightseeing.

After Paris we’ll fly with our travel partner airBaltic back to our temporary home base Riga, and continue from there to Minsk in Belarus! New city and totally new country, so we are eager to explore it! We only have five days though, so not enough time to see more than the capital and surroundings.

Did you know by the way, that the visa-free stay in Belarus (for travelers from 80 countries) has just recently been extended from 5 to 30 days? We weren’t aware of this when planning this visit, and can’t really extend our stay, since we want to get to Georgia before it will get too cold to hike in the mountains!

During September and October we will travel around Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. This will be an epic adventure for sure, our aim is to find roads less traveled, hike through remote villages, see old monasteries and churches, participate in wine harvest festivals, explore bigger cities and dip in the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

After six weeks in one small village, we have itchy feet to get back on the road. Finding a good balance between living, working and traveling is one of the challenges of nomadic life-style. After a year we no longer feel so bad, if we spend the whole day inside in front of computers, when the sun is shining outside. So I guess we are slowly adjusting, understanding that we are not on a holiday that is going to end soon, but a living location independent life instead.

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