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About FinnsAway

We are Anne & Toni, a Finnish nomad couple traveling the world since 2017. We left 9-to-5 life behind to be free to explore the world and work location independently.

We are adventurous backpackers and low-cost travelers, often following the road less traveled. We write detailed travel guides with quality photos, as well as short introduction posts about the destinations that we explore.

We are working location independently, and when not working, enjoy hitting the hiking trails and running, as well as tasting local wines and craft beers. We have traveled in 78 countries so far, out of which 58 already before the full-time nomad life.

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Meteora in winter

Meteora is one of those places that leave a mark in you. Places that open your eyes yet a bit more, and feed the wanderlust in you. Places that remind you that there is so much beauty and nature wonders in the world. This is a story of our visit to Meteora in December 2017…

Southwest Portugal is home to a stunning nature park with spectacular coastal scenery and wonderful hiking options along Rota Vicentina, a network of trails that run in western parts of Alentejo and Algarve regions. | FinnsAway Nomad Travels

The south coast of Portugal has been very popular tourist destination for decades, but the southwest corner of the country has remained more pristine and quiet, offering breathtaking coastal scenery and beaches. The Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Natural Park…

Multi-day trek from Mestia to Ushguli in Svaneti area, Georgia, is breathtaking. Hike 3-4 days in amazing views over snow-topped Caucasus mountain peaks, glaziers and Svan villages. | FinnsAway Travel Blog
Hiking in Caucasus Mountains

Thinking about making a multi-day mountain hike somewhere in Europe? Breathtakingly beautiful Svaneti area in Georgia is a wonderful destination for hiking. Hike from Mestia to Ushguli up in Greater Caucasus Mountains is one amazing option for hikers looking for a bit longer trek…

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