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Did you know that there are several destinations where to try whitewater rafting in Finland? Check out our experience from Koiteli in Oulu region.

Whitewater rafting in Koiteli, Finland

If you happen to spend some time in Oulu region in Finland, Koiteli area around 20 kilometers northwest from Oulu city center is worth of exploring. There are lots of activity possibilities in there, from fishing to open-air concerts and from hiking to relaxing around campfire. Nature is close to pristine, so air is fresh, water clean and landscapes beautiful. We participated a whitewater rafting tour in June 2017, and it was a great experience! Just wondering how we had never done that before, during around 20 years of living in Oulu… Maybe it’s the old truth, that it’s hard to see things that are near you. We actually went as far as to Costa Rica to first time try out whitewater rafting.

Koiteli rapids in Kiiminkijoki river are easy enough for beginners, from class I to class III in International Scale of River Difficulty. These rapids are pretty short, the whole section being just about half kilometers long. That is why in the normal tour package there are 2 rounds, and in the second it is possible to select more challenging route with class III rapids. Best time for whitewater rafting in Koiteli is soon after the ice has broken up, when the rapids are at their wildest, usually from beginning of May to early June. With GoArctic you could also try for example white water swimming, canoeing, fishing, or even arctic floating!

The tour operator, Go Arctic has experienced guides, so we really felt that we are in safe hands when rushing down the river. On top of the needed safety equipment, the tour includes waterproof clothing and rubber boots, but still you need to be prepared for getting a little wet. Well, since you will be in a rubber raft in the middle of  flowing rapids, it should be no wonder of course, and it’s actually just fun!

Koiteli area is a bit challenging to reach using public transportation, but if you are participating a rafting tour, the operator can arrange a pick up from Oulu if needed (check the price when booking the tour). Or, if you are ready to sweat a bit, Koiteli is also easily reachable by bike from Oulu! FinnsAway recommends!


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