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FinnsAway is getting started

FinnsAway is getting started!​

You are warmly welcome to follow the story of FinnsAway, a Finnish couple that is jumping out of “normal” life to nomadic lifestyle in July 2017. Some people probably wonder whether we are totally out of our minds, while others see this as the perfect choice for us travel-lovers.

In this blog, we will share our adventures from the road, not just travel stories but our experiences over working and living abroad as well. Posts in category ‘Before FinnsAway’ are stories of our holiday trips from year 2005 until 2017. We have shortly visited close to 60 countries before this new lifestyle, so there are lots of travel memories and tips to share from those times also.

Besides travel stories from where-ever we will go, we will also write about some experiences and destinations in our home country Finland. We are hoping that those posts can inspire travelers from all over the world to visit Finland on their European tour, and also fellow Finns to hit the trails, enjoy the nature and participate in organized adventures in our beautiful country.

Right now, in June 2017, we are in the middle of all the arrangements that need to be taken care of before being able to leave our hometown and Finland behind in July. It can sound somewhat simple, just ‘leave your job, sell it all and hit the road’, but in practice there is so much to deal with. Most probably we will write a post about all this hassle soon, and also make some kind of list of things that need to be taken care of before leaving. This is all just so different (and much more exciting!) than having one month holiday trip ahead.

You can read more about us and the big decision in About Us section, and by liking and following us in social media you can easily follow our story! Please don’t hesitate to use the comment section below, or the feedback / contact form in the footer to leave your mark and share your thoughts!

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