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Guide for finding the best craft beer and microbreweries in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Introducing breweries Number 8 in Tbilisi and Dargett in Yerevan. | FinnsAway Nomad Travels

Caucasus for craft beer enthusiasts

While craft beer culture has been blooming in most of the European countries for years, Caucasus seems to be just waking up to this new era of beer. During our three months tour around Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan late 2018, we tried to find local microbreweries.

This post has been moved to our new craft beer oriented blog Craft Beer Nomads – welcome to the site to read about craft beer in Caucasus and around the world!

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2 thoughts on “Caucasus for craft beer enthusiasts”

  1. Super nice article. I’m a bit craft beer enthusiastic myself. What’s your opinion, which country has the best price quality value in Europe?

    1. Thanks for your comment Marcus! And good question there 😀 It’s not so easy to make this kind of comparison, especially because things change so quickly when it comes to craft beer; new breweries open, price levels change and so on. But, when we were in Poland in autumn 2017, we were very impressed of the local craft beer quality and selection, and the price level was very affordable.

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