How much do sporty backpackers actually exercise?

In this page we keep stats of our sporty activities, and publish monthly summaries. Like backpackers in general, we tend to walk a lot, but don't count that as actual exercise so it's not visible in the activity list. We get our heartbeats up by running, hiking and going to gym, and also utilize the outdoor gyms whenever running into one. On top of that we carry a pair of rubber exercise bands to be used for strength training when there is no gym available.

Being sporty while travelling is not that hard, you just need to find your motivation, and of course start with packing those running shoes with you! Surely you won't regret going for a run, and the feeling after completing one is so rewarding. Depending on the location, running can also be an awesome way of sightseeing, so why not give it a try!

APRIL 2018

We started the month with a visit to our parents in Finnish Lapland, and went cross-country skiing in Rovaniemi. We actually used to do that quite a lot in our old life, and were still able to ski 30 km in a bit above 2 hours. Before continuing our journey abroad, we went for a long run (half marathon) in Finland, but after that our legs were so sore that we could hardly walk for couple of days… maybe a bit shorter route would have been wiser after a long break from running, whoops. When back on the road we went running in Riga in Latvia and in Lisbon, Paco de Arcos, Amora and Verdelho in Portugal.

No gym during April, we should really get back on track with that before all our muscles are gone… Altogether nearly 90 km running (8 times) and 30 km skiing, so not that bad month as March, but clearly not active enough still. We’ll improve from this!

Cross-country skiing in Rovaniemi, Finland | FinnsAway travel blog
Skiing tracks in Oulu, Finland | FinnsAway travel blog

MARCH 2018

We started the month with still couple days in Cyprus, but didn’t do any other sports than just walking around. Then it was time for almost 6 weeks work and holiday in Finland. We were really busy basically the whole March, which unfortunately meant very limited amount of sports. Even if are well aware that exercising even for shortly helps to stay energetic. In the end of the month we headed to visit our parents in northern Finland and went to cross-country skiing after a long time!

The stats are unmerciful; only 6 training sessions and just 6 hours of exercise during the whole month. This must be record low for us, like ever. One cross-country skiing of 20 km, 2 times running, 2 short gym exercises and just one run. Still close to 300 kilometers measured in steps, so in that sense it was quite active month even if the amount of actual exercise was low.


First week of February we were still in Peloponnese, mostly near Kalamata. We made a nice day hike to Ridomo Gorge and also ran up and down the mountain slopes. After leaving our car behind and flying to Cyprus went running and to gym in Larnaca, Nicosia and Kyrenia. We also made some day hikes to the mountains near Kyrenia in North Cyprus. The last days of the month we spent in Empa near Paphos, where we ran along the seashore under the warming spring sun.

All in all February was pretty active month with 16 training sessions and up to 29 hours of exercise. We went running 8 times (89 kilometers) and hiked 50 kilometers. In addition to that we went to gym 5 times and also walked a lot as altogether 354 kilometers was measured in steps.

Happy runners in Paphos, Cyprus | FinnsAway
Getting to know Athens; Trail running comes with a view


We started the year in Athens, where we were quite active with sports; went to gym several times and ran in parks and on the outskirts of the city few times during the three weeks we spent in Athens. After that we moved to Peloponnese, but there was a break with exercising due to fever. After we were back in the came, we went to gym and running in Perigiali in the end of the month.

The measured activities sum up to 16 sessions but just over 13 hours of exercise, which is not that much but OK taken into account the fever period. 68 km running outside is nice result after two colder and not that active running months. No hiking in January, and only 4 times in gym, should find more time for those activities in the future.


We spent most of December in Albania. Started the month in Vlore, where we went to gym couple of times, hiked up from the coast to the Kanine village over the hills and ran along the beach walkaways. After driving through Albanian Riviera to our next destinations Sarande and Ksamil, we continued going to gym and also went running when the weather was nicer.

In the end of the month we moved south to Greece, and headed first to Kalambaka for hikes in Meteora Monasteries. When celebrating Christmas in coastal Itea again went running and also made a short day hike in Delphi. The year ended in Athens, where we went for some sightseeing runs to get familiar with the city.

All in all December was quite active month; 16 measured training sessions and 29 hours of exercise. As the weather was mostly cold, we went more often to gym than usually, but still 54 kilometers running and 44 km of hiking outside.

Walking path in Meteora, Greece


During the first week of November we suffered from slight flu with sore throats and thus didn't do any sports. After gathering back our strength there were 12 sporty days in Macedonia and Albania. We hiked twice in Matka Canyon near Skopje, Macedonia and went to gym and running in Tirana, Durres and Vlore in Albania. Weather was getting colder and rainier, so there was less outdoor exercises in November than before. Luckily we found some great fitness centers and could also run indoors.

Totally 84 km of running and hiking and 260 km measured in steps during the month. All in all we exercised almost 20 hours during November, so not that bad taking into account that one week was reserved for recovering.

7.11.2017Skopje, MacedoniaHIKING2:3010 KMHiking in Matka Canyon
9.11.2017Skopje, MacedoniaRUNNING3:1520 KM
11.11.2017Skopje, MacedoniaGYM1:22Gladiator Gym in Skopje
12.11.2017Skopje, MacedoniaRUNNING0:507,5 KM
13.11.2017Skopje, MacedoniaHIKING3:5012 KM
14.11.2017Skopje, MacedoniaGYM1:20Gladiator Gym in Skopje
18.11.2017Tirana, AlbaniaRUNNING1:009 KM
20.11.2017Tirana, AlbaniaGYM1:20Working out in a small gym close to our apartment
22.11.2017Durres, AlbaniaRUNNING1:0010 KM
24.11.2017Durres, AlbaniaRUNNING0:356 KMShort run along the beach
28.11.2017Vlore, AlbaniaRUNNING1:3011 KM
30.11.2017Vlore, AlbaniaGYM1:15Nirvana Fitness Club
November 2017 chart


October was quite nice exercise month for us. Weather was mostly good for running and hiking and we found some great gyms with good value for the money. The most awesome gym / fitness center was in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), it was opened just about a month ago.

Totally 125 km of running and hiking and 370 km measured in steps during the month.

2.10.2017Odessa, UkraineRUNNING0:559 KMRunning along the beach
5.10.2017Odessa, UkraineGYM1:11
6.10.2017Odessa, UkraineRUNNING1:4417 KM
8.10.2017Odessa, UkraineGYM1:22
9.10.2017Odessa, UkraineRUNNING0:507 KM
11.10.2017Zatoka, UkraineRUNNING0:458 KM
12.10.2017Zatoka, UkraineOUTDOOR GYM0:45Fitness session on the beach
12.10.2017Zatoka, UkraineRUNNING0:457 KM
15.10.2017Constanta, RomaniaRUNNING1:0510 KM
19.10.2017Bucharest, RomaniaRUNNING0:508 KM
21.10.2017Bucharest, RomaniaGYM1:18Stay Fit Gym
21.10.2017Bucharest, RomaniaRUNNING0:405 KM
23.10.2017Bucharest, RomaniaGYM1:22Stay Fit Gym
26.10.2017Apriltsi, BulgariaHIKING6:2011 KMDay hike in the Balkan mountains
27.10.2017Apriltsi, BulgariaRUNNING2:2018 KMHard run with 755 meters ascent
29.10.2017Plodiv, BulgariaGYM1:22Perfect Fitness Gym
30-31.10.2017Rila, BulgariaHIKING7:204+16+4 KMLong two days hike in Seven Lakes of Rila
October 2017 chart

Hiking in Bulgaria
Hiking is one of our favorite sports


Have to say that we are not too satisfied with this month fitness results, since compared to August, our stats went down. There were more hiking days (5), but we went running only seven times during the month. On the other hand, we really needed some days rest after the demanding hikes. Gym training count dropped down to 3 events, when not counting in some occasional, short training sessions in outdoor gyms.

Totally 128 km of running and hiking and 412 km measured in steps during the month. 

1.9.2017SlovakiaHIKING3:158,5 KMFew hours hike in Slovensky Raj national park
4.9.2017Hungary, SzecsenyRUNNING + GYM2:008 KMRunning in countryside and gym training
7.9.2017Hungary, BudapestRUNNING + GYM2:0010 KMRunning through the city. Not really pleasant environment.
10.9.2017Hungary, EgerRUNNING1:1516 KMLong and sweaty run in countryside in Eger
12.9.2017Hungary, EgerRUNNING0:569 KMAnother run in Eger. This was better one through vine fields.
14.9.2017Romania, ApuseniHIKING5:3014,5 KMHiking in Romania, part 1Somesul Cald tour hike to the Radesa cave.
15.8.2017Romania, FagarasHIKING1:454,4 KMHiking in Romania, part 2First hiking day in Fagaras mountains.
16.9.2017Romania, FagarasHIKING7:2017 KMHiking in Romania, part 2Second hiking day in Fagaras mountains.
17.9.2017Romania, FagarasHIKING4:4014 KMHiking in Romania, part 2Hiking back to the car from Fagaras mountains.
20.9.2017Romania, LerestiRUNNING0:548 KMRunning to a hill and back.
25.9.2017Moldova, ChisinauRUNNING1:0511 KMRunning around a city park.
26.9.2017Moldova, ChisinauGYM1:10-Good strength training in some bit too expensive gym.
28.9.2017Moldova, ChisinauRUNNING1:0210 KMAnother run in the same park in Chisinau.
September 2017 chart


These are our first FinnsAway fitness statistics.

160 km of running and hiking and 470 km measured in steps.

2.8.2017Finland, JärvenpääRUNNING-8 KMLast run in Finland before FinnsAway life
5.8.2017Estonia, KuresaariRUNNING-17 KMHot and sunny weather in Saaremaa, Estonia
7.8.2017Estonia, PärnuRUNNING-11 KMNice run along the river in Pärnu, Estonia
8.8.2017Estonia, PärnuRUNNING & GYM100 MIN10 KMRunning to the gym and back in Pärnu, Estonia
10.8.2017Latvia, CesisHIKING7 H & 25 MIN26 KMHiking in Gauja national park in Latvia. Path was partly quite challenging because of fallen trees and overgrown bushes.
12.8.2017Lithuania, KaunasRUNNING-11 KMWeather was awesome in the morning. We tried to find a path around the lake but failed to do that.
15.8.2017Poland, WarsawGYM65 MIN-We were lucky because we got free entry to a fitness center close to our hostel in Wola.
16.8.2017Poland, WarsawRUNNING & EXERCISE-5 KMShort morning run in a park and some exercising in a outdoor gym.
18.8.2017Poland, WarsawRUNNING & EXERCISE-8 KMMorning run in a park and some exercising in a outdoor gym. Nice weather.
20.8.2017Poland, KatowiceRUNNING-8 KMEvening run after a working day. Not the best route in the suburban area.
22.8.2017Poland, KatowiceRUNNING-10 KMNice running in the huge Silesia park. Recommended place to run.
25.8.2017Slovakia, Banska Bystrica
GYM60 MIN-Cheap and okay gym in central Banska Bystrica.
26.8.2017Slovakia, JasenieHIKING8 H & 30 MIN28 KMWow. First hike in Slovakian Low Tatra Mountains. Route was quite boring at first (about 9km) but after that it was just amazing. Route was little bit too long for one day hike. Highest peak was 1955 m, Chabenec.
30.8.2017Slovakia, Tatranska LomnicaHIKING6 H & 30 MIN16 KMFirst day in High Tatra Mountains; hike to the mountain hut and highest peak near that. More of this hike in the post
31.8.2017Slovakia, Tatranska LomnicaHIKING8 H & 30 MIN20 KMHigh Tatras hiking trip continues (day two)
More of this hike in the post
15 DAYS6 COUNTRIES~ 160 KMLots of great feelings and nice scenery 🙂
August 2017 chart