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Farewells and wedding ceremonies

Time flies faster than ever, there is only couple of weeks left in our hometown Oulu… Last week was just crazy, filled with friends, laughter and joy, but also some tears and unreal feelings when saying goodbye to dear team members and all other colleagues I had the honor to work with during past ~8 years in Nokia Networks. Toni has also gone through a work-related farewell process earlier this year, when selling his event producing and management company Groove Thing to new owners.

Since we at some point obviously thought that it would be a good idea to have everything happening in the same week, we ended up being really busy with all arrangements and last days at work. But in the middle of all the rush, we managed to get married in secret, and to have a great farewell + wedding party couple of days after that!

After more than 12 years together, marriage is not changing that much between us, but when it will be just two of us travelling around the world for who-knows-how-long, it definitely is a rational move. Marriage makes us family members and thus provides legal protection in case something bad happens. Also, even if in Finland cohabitation has been morally fully acceptable for decades, that is not the case everywhere. Travelling as a married couple is considered as respectable and can simplify things like booking accommodation in some countries. But don’t get this wrong, it’s not just about being rational, we are very much in love too!

During the week we also started our lets-empty-the-house project, and are in good speed with that actually. Almost all pieces of furniture have been reserved or sold already, as well as biggest part of all dining dishes and other house ware. Also most of our musical instruments and part of sports equipment are gone already. What is still coming up, is getting rid of majority of shoes, clothes and accessories, as well as most of cosmetics and other stuff. Our apartment is still for sale, and it seems that summer is not the best time for such business, but we won’t let that stop us. It is fully OK to leave it for the real estate company to sell whenever they will find a suitable buyer, or to even rent it out if selling with good price is not possible.

There is still two weeks full of preparations and some more farewells ahead, and then we will be on the road. Post regarding our first destinations and plans will be published soon, so stay tuned and feel free to share our FB site to your friends who might be interested in following the story!

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