What makes FinnsAway special among thousands of travel bloggers who try to earn money when traveling?

We are two highly educated entrepreneurs with long background in different business environments. We have worked in wide scale of positions from grass-roots to management level with start-ups and global corporations alike. We left the 9-to-5 life in Finland behind and are now able to offer professional services location independently. FinnsAway is a trusted partner with high quality project management and open communication.

All services are available in English and Finnish

What we can do for you

Our Key Specialties

Project Management, Content Creation, Travel Writing, Social Media & Digital Marketing, Editing, Blogging, Publishing, Photographing, Consulting, Branding, Travel Booking, Virtual Assistant, Tourism, Event Marketing & Promoting, International Contacts, Technical Sales & Marketing

Our Technical Expertise

Web Development, WordPress, CMS Theme Customization, Responsive Web Design, CSS, JS, PHP, Graphic Design, Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, Video Editing


We are looking forward to partner with brands and organizations with following

  • marketing co-operation
  • brand ambassador partnerships
  • gear partnerships
  • adventure and leisure travels
  • local tourism promoting
  • travel guide content producing


We offer following services to help your company to grow in the international scale

  • content creation & editing
  • web design & development
  • photography and graphical design
  • business consulting and coaching
  • international sales & marketing services
  • exhibition promoting service

We are FinnsAway

Toni the manager

FinnsAway professionals at your service

Hi there! I’m Toni, FinnsAway's project manager and spokesman, who handles technical things, marketing, sales and finance related opportunities. I’m going to be professional photographer, illustrator, graphic and software designer.

I’m forty-something entrepreneur from Finland. I have Bachelor of Science degree in software engineering and I have worked in mobile software industry 10 years proceeding to management level in global business.

Before FinnsAway I ran my own event promotion company (Groove Thing) where I was manager for local entertainment professionals such as stand up comedies, cover bands, musicians and other performers. I also organized local festivals and worked as producer and promoter for other festivals. In 2017 I sold my company to be able to jump in to the new FinnsAway nomad life.

I have played brass instruments almost my whole life and my main instrument is trumpet. I exercise a lot, mostly by running and going to gym, and I used to play team sports like football, ice hockey and floorball in Finland. I also enjoy outdoor adventures like trekking, trail running and cross country skiing.

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Anne the planner

FinnsAway professionals at your service

Hi there! I am Anne, a 34-year-old adventurer and the main author and editor behind FinnsAway travel stories. I also create travel related and other content as freelancer for publications and web-pages in English and Finnish, and am working to be professional on that field.

I have a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management, and close to 10 year’s career in ICT industry (Nokia Networks) in Finland. I mostly worked with supply chain management related challenges in global business environment. In summer 2017 I quit the job to jump to a new life as location independent entrepreneur and long-term traveler.

I have experience over financial management, organizing events and leading teams. I also used to be a municipal level politician in my home town, acting as a member of the Oulu city council, city board and committee of urban services. I love outdoor adventures like trekking, trail running and cross country skiing. I truly enjoy the feeling of challenging myself and reaching the goals I have set for myself, like finishing a marathon or climbing to the top of a mountain. In addition to doing sports, I have played saxophones in several orchestras and bands for over 20 years.

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Ambassadorship airBaltic

In 2018 we work in co-operation with Latvian airline airBaltic as ambassadors. Influence marketing, brand promotion, content creation.

Consulting QMClouds

Customer project related to web development and marketing. Web design and maintenance, optimization, editing.

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