FinnsAway nomad couple


Welcome to explore the world with FinnsAway! We are Anne and Toni, a Finnish couple that decided to leave it all behind and jump into nomadic / cosmopolitan life style. Our life-changing journey began in July 2017, when we sold or donated our belongings down to such volume that basically fits in two backpacks. First part of the journey takes place in eastern and southeastern Europe, as we decided to start by a  few months long road trip with our car instead of flying anywhere just yet. 

We are two sporty backpackers who want to roam around the world as freely as possible. We enjoy the feeling of takeoff and arriving in next destination, hiking on remote hills, reaching the high peaks, watching sunsets, strolling on old city streets, spotting castles, eating local meals, tasting new beers and meeting like-minded people. Our travels are budget-friendly; we don't lodge in 5-star hotels but favor cheap hostels, apartments or camping instead, and we always aim to find cheap flight deals and bus and train tickets when moving around.

On this site, will share our experiences, uncover our best budget travel tips and bring out the true nature of living and working on the road. Our aim is to develop FinnsAway site to a useful source of information and travel deals for other travelers. Also, we want to inspire those other restless souls, who are themselves thinking about the possibility to turn traveling into a lifestyle.

Besides travelers, we both are educated and experienced engineers, and Toni also has strong background as entrepreneur. Freelancing through our own company enables working location independently.


We visited as many as 57 countries during short holiday trips along 12 years. (We are publishing travel stories also about these old trips in the blog, in category Before FinnsAway). Those all were great escapes from our hectic 9 to 5 life, but providing just short glimpses on what the world can offer. On our travels, we were always in a hurry to move to next city or country, trying to maximize the number of places that can be visited during 1 to 5 weeks’ holiday. Even if we chose to use all possible day offs travelling abroad, we never had the possibility to stay in one place long enough to really adopt the local way of living, or to really step out of the beaten track.

We have been hiking and biking on mountains, snorkeling over coral reefs, swing jumping from a bridge, camping under apple trees, jogging through villages where everyone was just staring at us, and taking breathtakingly thrilling but still awesome bus rides. Definitely we enjoyed it all, but still, were accompanied by a slightly depressing and empty feeling that soon we needed to go back again. Planning the next adventure was always fun of course, but counting the days to next holiday and next takeoff not that much.

Not to say that there was something wrong with our life in Finland; we had beautiful home, good jobs, wonderful friends and rewarding hobbies, but we still wanted to cut the chains of ordinary life with daily routines and wander free. So, slowly we came up with the decision to leave it all behind and make the dream of travelling for a longer term (even for a life time, who knows?) and working globally through our own company true.

Beach bungalow in Koh Thmei Cambodia


After the first discussions about finding time for a longer trip, it took still years to actually come up with the big decision. It was maybe early 2016 when we started to more seriously talk about leaving, and back then we scheduled the departure to happen on spring or summer 2017. After that we kept the idea alive, and finally started selling our stuff little by little early 2017. In end of June we left our jobs and during July got rid of all furniture and the rest of our belongings. After cleaning up our apartment and putting it for sale (ended up renting it out later), we hit the road with our travel companion for coming months, Nissan Tiida. First couple of weeks was about visiting friends in Finland, and finally early August we crossed the Gulf of Finland to Tallinn in Estonia and started the road trip through Eastern Europe all the way to Greece.

We are sharing our journey in the blog, and with that we also want to inspire our readers to travel the world and find new paths. So far our adventure has taken us through 15 European countries, and at the moment we are planning new adventures for year 2018. Welcome on board!

Best regards

Anne & Toni